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It is in particular for round particle shape. High purity and ultrafine molten round quartz powder (referred to the round silica powder) due to its high dielectric,Guest alliant steel powder in stock Posting excessive heat, high humidity, high filler content material, low thermal enlargement, low pressure, low impurities and occasional coefficient of friction, it has end up an critical satisfactory material in large-scale, LSI substrate and the encapsulation compounds for metal powder provider.

Spherical silica powder is specially used for massive-scale and extremely huge scale included circuit package consistent with the set level (the quantity of every included circuit general components) to determine whether the spherical silica powder, while set for the 1M to 4M, has been a part of the spherical powder 8M to 16M set quantity, they have all of the spherical powder. 250M sets the level of the integrated circuit line width is 0.25¼m, whilst the degree of 1G set, the incorporated circuit line width has to zero.18¼m, Computer P-IV processor CPU chip, to reach this kind of degree. Then the round powder is extra upscale, the principle use of polysilicon scraps is made to orthosilicate acetate and silicon tetrachloride hydrolysis of SiO2, additionally manufactured from the round particle length for the (10 ~ 20) ¼m in adjustable. Spherical powder of the chemical synthesis of round silica powder made from herbal quartz uncooked materials to ten times greater expensive, due to the fact this powder is basic that no radioactive alpha-ray contamination, uranium content material may be accomplished following 0.02PPb. Set the diploma of LSI between the twine spacing may be very small, the packaging substances radioactive huge IC work will produce the source of errors, make LSI reliability affected, and consequently need to of radioactive stringent necessities. Natural quartz uncooked materials of (0.2 ~ 0.4) PPb on excellent uncooked materials. Spherical silica powder is made from natural uncooked materials of spherical powder, and also imported powder.

General IC is a lithography approach to consciousness on the circuit engraved at the monocrystalline silicon. And then the connecting leads and tube attitude, after which the epoxy molding compound package from. The plastic materials of thermal expansion of silicon the closer the higher of the included circuit thermal stability. Monocrystalline silicon melting point of 1415 , expansion coefficient 3.5PPM, fused silica powder (0.Three to zero.Five) PPM, the epoxy resin (30 ~ 50) PPM when molten round quartz powder by using adding a excessive percentage of epoxy resin manufactured from plastic material, the thermal enlargement coefficient is adjustable to about 8PPM, plus the extra the more close to the silicon wafer, the better. The thermal growth coefficient of crystalline powder commonly called cornstarch 60PPM, the melting factor of crystalline quartz for the 1996 ° C cannot replace the fused silica powder (fused silica powder), high-grade included circuits do not have a round powder, however also angular silicon molten powder. That is the reason why this high-cease round powder beneath the assist of crystalline powder shaping can not come to be round efficaciously.

Using natural quartz SiO2, the ball may be made under excessive-temperature molten jet. It can attain completely molten spherical quartz powder. The herbal crystalline quartz can make the powder, then disperse molten ball is a ball manufactured from flame ionization, flame burning powder received by the ball, the floor is easy with quantity contraction, higher use this powder in Japan, absolutely flat X-ray spectroscopy spectrum, but additionally the whole molten round quartz powder, electric melting quartz, 95% amorphous content material which include Lianyungang, fused silica spectrum, the traces can nonetheless be visible the peak, continues to be five% did no longer soften. Thus, inside the manufacturing of round silica powder, so long as the purity can attain the necessities, the natural crystalline quartz is the quality uncooked fabric. Its manufacturing expenses are lowest and it has extra easy manner course